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Best Butt Fitness: Bum Workout

Buttocks home & gym fitness app: glute squats, butt exercises & bum workouts
Best Butt Fitness is the ultimate bum fitness app which will give you the best butt exercises training for sexy booty gluteus maximus toning or Brazilian butt to make your glutes look the best in your bikini.
It is one of the leading free hips & home gym fitness apps in the market for your health!
A fantastic way to achieve a bubble butt.
Now with a new and fit design! - The most effective bum & buttocks exercises there are in one fitness app. Much more than squats training.
- High quality smooth video demonstrations of home gym butt exercises.
- Flexible bubble butt workout: Set the time comfortable for you.
- Skip unsuitable quadriceps & glutes exercises while training.
- In-workout voice trainer commentary.
- Workout reminders of the twerking butt workouts.
- Butt workouts statistics

best butt fitness includes all the best butt glutes & leg buttocks exercises with the best hips fitness motivation: squat, hamstrings curl, lunges, calf leg raises, hip raise, hamstrings chair, surfer squats, hip extension, side lunges, lying leg curls, hip abductors, quadriceps dumbbell squats, sumo squats, one leg tush squat, split squat, backward bum lunges, side lunges,dumbbell lunges, frog tucks, twerking jumping lunges, abductors squats, calves raises, back and front quadriceps squats, squats and more premium calf & bum exercises for free, no need of a gym plan. All of that in one incredible motivation home gym training fitness app.

best butt fitness home gym will give you motivation to burn more fat, exercise the glutes correctly your buttocks & core / quadriceps muscles, and increase your overall health. butt squats is one of the most effective gluteus maximus, hamstrings & calves / gastrocnemius & soleus exercises. improves tush twerking ability. Calf, soleus & thighs exercises are included.

This tush training app includes different butt exercises variations of squats including the famous buttocks sumo squat which contributes heavily to your fitness among gluteus medius, hamstrings, biceps femoris & adductor magnus.
Additional muscles (active during twerking) include: quadriceps femoris, soleus and the calves.

Lose those love handles & improve your keister twerking.

* This app does not work with Google Fit yet.

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Best Butt Fitness: Bum Workout


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