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Dominoes Jogatina

Download Dominoes and play online or have fun on the singleplayer
Have fun with this classic: Dominoes! Try to defeat your opponent, with strategy, reasoning and a dash of luck. In Dominoes Jogatina, you can choose between 3 game modes: Draw, All Fives and Block. Play single player or multiplayer online and challenge yourself to score your way to victory. Download it now!


- Play single player or multiplayer online;
- Play rounds with 2 or 4 players;
- 3 modes: Draw, All Fives and Block;
- 3 difficulty levels
- Customization options: choose the tile, the table texture and the animations’ speed.

Classic! This Dominoes game is really the classic one, and works flawlessly and clearly.

Best app ever! It feels like you're playing in a real domino table! I love it!

I play all the time day and night, it's a great game to play, very exciting and fun, love it.


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Dominoes Jogatina


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