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Sweet Baby Girl Daycare & Bath

Bath, dress up, feed and play with Sweet Baby Girl Alice in her house!
Hey kids, it’s baby daycare time! Bathe, dress up, feed and play with the sweet baby girl in her beautiful pink and purple nursery room. Play Mommy and learn how to take care of the little baby. Don’t let the adorable baby girl cry! WHAT’S INSIDE
• Play more than 20 mini games and tasks!
• Take care of the the baby girl in 4 different locations: Baby Bed, Baby Bath, Nursery and Kitchen!
• Learn to bathe, dress up, feed and put a baby to sleep!
• Restart the game and spend daycare time with the sweet baby girl everyday!

• Tap correct object and find out why baby girl is unhappy!
• Your baby is dirty – give her a baby bath!
• Wash the soft yeallow baby hair with Baby Shampoo!
• Give baby girl a sponge bath and play with soap bubbles!
• Dry the wet baby with a soft towel and put some Baby Oil!
• Comb baby’s hair and dress the baby in sweet and girly style!
• Your baby likes fruit puree – mash apples and bananas to make some!
• Feed the baby and make her happy!
• Mix Baby Milk powder with warm water and give the sweet baby girl some warm milk!
• Give baby girl a kiss and cover with her favorite blanket before sleep!
• Complete all tasks so that the happy baby could fall asleep!


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Sweet Baby Girl Daycare & Bath


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