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Quiz Run

Challenge your friends as Fast as possible on your Knowledge! Fun & Free!
Play with your friends and answer quiz questions as fast as possible
Win medals and coins and be the best among your friends!
Quiz Run is an entertaining and addictive game: the challenge is permanent! * A right answer makes you move forward 1, 2 or 3 points. Be the first at the finish line!

* See real time how your friends are doing during the game. Like in a real chase!

3 game modes are included in Quiz Run:
* Versus: challenge your friends and win coins
* Challenges: bet your coins and defeat your opponent and double your stake
* Tournament: play against 3 persons simultaneously. Achieve medals and win coins and overtake your friends in the weekly tournament!

* Use Quiz Run coins to eliminate wrong answers when you don't know the right one

In Quiz Run, discover more than 20,000 questions on various themes:
- Disney
- Movies
- People
- TV Shows
- Animals
- Food
- History
- Geography
- Health
- Math
- Music
- Lifestyle
- Science and technology
- Soccer

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Follow us Twitter: @quizrun
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Come and run with your friends in Quiz Run!


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Quiz Run


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