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Monster Truck Destruction™

Drive your favorite monster truck, BIGFOOT, USA-1 and many more!
The best monster truck game (more than 17 million downloads) now has more trucks, more tracks and supports more devices! If you're bored of bitumen-like racing games and feel the need to destroy something or can handle more power with four wheels on the dirt, then you should download this game NOW. MORE TRUCKS

You wanted more trucks and now you can choose from nearly 60 licensed trucks covering several generations.
You wanted more tracks, and now you can choose from 24 levels, including both indoor and outdoor tracks.
You can also compete in 3 x different championships.


Monster Truck Destruction now supports more devices. Write to us (details below), if there are any problems with our game or if it does not work on your device and give us direct feedback.

Now go out and do some destruction!

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• Thrilling and destructive gameplay
• Realistic truck physics and a dynamic damage system
• Drag, Freestyle, and Championships to compete
• Excellent visuals and head-banging soundtrack


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Monster Truck Destruction™


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