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Dicionário inFormal

The internet most social Portuguese dictionary anywhere, anytime.
DICIONÁRIO INFORMAL ANDROID VERSION! Use the internet most social Portuguese dictionary anywhere, anytime.

The best way of learning new words in portuguese.

Search for user generated words definitions.

- Word of the day and 6 past days on home screen
- Search for definitions and meanings
- Dictionary of brazilian slang words
- Morphosyntactic Classification
- Favorites Words List
- Synonyms dictionary
- Antonyms dictionary
- Search for related words
- Search for rhymes
- Search for flexions
- Vote on definitions
- Discover random words
- Most viewed words
- Latest words added
- Word of the day widget
- Random word widget
- Smart search
- Layout for 10" screen sizes
- English interface available (Automatic selected by operating system)


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Dicionário inFormal


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