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Mobile Research Survey Application, OVEY
No.1 Mobile Research Survey Application, OVEY
Wasting your free time?
Why don't you take a simple survey and earn instant rewards?

OVEY is a survey application that more than 100+ industries and customers in Korea use to collect opinions.
We pay cash rewards of up to 4000 won to you for each survey.

[Feature’s of OVEY]
1. Providing rewards to recommenders
300 won will be given as credit to those who recommend OVEY.
The credit will be given once the person to whom you recommended OVEY creates an account and finishes the “Panel 자격얻기” survey. You can invite your friends through “Recommend OVEY to your friends” on Kakaotalk using Mypage.

2. Use credit like cash
It is possible to receive the credit in cash, donate to WorldVision, or use to purchase from Giftishow.

3. OVEY whenever and wherever
It possible to answer the survey anytime and anywhere once the app has been installed.

4. For more OVEY money
New events will be held monthly, with various awards and giveaways.

[How to use OVEY in a few easy steps]
1. Once the app has been downloaded, register for an account.
2. Fill in the profile page and obtain an OVEY qualification of panel.
3. When the new survey notification pops up, open the OVEY app and answer the survey.
4. After completing the survey, earn credit instantly.
5. Check survey results on the app.

[OVEY’s promise to its users]
1. OVEY will never ask for a lot of your time.
2. The filled out survey will be provided to the survey requester in statistical format.
3. No information in which the individual can be identified will be provided.


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